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Smart marketers are well aware of the role that Google AdWords pay per click (PPC) ads play in strong B2B marketing. Google users enter specific search phrases on search engines and marketers know how to grab their attention and convert them into leads using paid advertising. This is possible only when marketers take the right approach for this PPC campaign.

Tips for Successful PPC Campaigns for B2B Marketing

Neatly Organize your Keywords and Ad Groups

The first and perhaps, the most challenging step is identifying keywords and organizing ad groups. Best practices for creating ad groups are:

  • Create Separate Group for keywords with similar themes: For example, put all keywords related to software in one ad group, keywords related to solution in another group and so on.
  • Classify Informational and Transactional Keywords: Information keywords are like, “what is customer relationship management” and transactional keyword’s example is “buy CRM software”. Keep both types of keywords in separate ad Groups.

Structuring your ad groups this way helps your ad copy and landing page to best fit the keywords. Another recommendation is so you can match your landing page to the searcher’s intention. Diverting a customer who is searching for “what is CRM” to your contact page is not a good thing. Similarly, you don’t want to send a searcher who is searching for “buy CRM software” to a page inviting them to buy or download an eBook.

Enhance Your Ads with Ad and Review Extensions  

Adding more information to your PPC ads is very appealing to the searchers. It helps them know about your company without clicking the ad, you can provide links to additional landing pages and if you have a high quality score, Google rewards you. Character limitation was the biggest downside of AdWords, which has been recently, overcomes by Google. Now, with ad extension option, you can not only include information about your company, but for more links in addition to the main landing page. So, kin total, you have total five conversion opportunities through one ad. The good news is that now you have review extension too with white you can easily ad product review to the ad, bring more credibility to your business.

Use Proper Landing Pages

In B2B marketing, you can use two types of landing pages: direct-response and content downloads. But most of the marketers neglect the second type of landing pages in their PPC ads, which could be even more beneficial for you and your searchers as well. If you are using content download landing pages, you have to keep searcher’s intention in mind. These are usually followed for informational searches like, what is CRM. Providing free PDF and eBooks to your customers work in your favor.

Last but not least, utilizing multiple conversion opportunities offers a win-win situation for your business. Another important fact to mention here is that if you are not the Google AdWords or a white label PPC services agency never try to do it yourself. Instead, research for the best experts available and let them utilize their expertise, knowledge and dedication towards the success of your ad campaigns.


Google AdWord’s paid campaigns have a lot to offer to B2B marketing strategies. Be careful with keywords’ identification and structuring ad groups, making landing pages and utilizing extensions for your campaigns, in the guidance of a white label PPC agency.

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