Red Bull Marketing Method: What You Had to Know + How to Copy It

Red Bull Marketing Strategy: What You Need to Know (And How to Copy It)

Red Bull is an unequalled marketing powerhouse.When it comes to their marketing strategy, the brand takes whatever it does to the extreme.However, their marketing efforts always put the audience first.In reality

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How Red Bull Got Began

The tonic was expected to help keep drinkers awake and alert.After 3 years of screening Red Bull introduced in Austria, however the two business people had skeptics. “There is no demand in the market for this type of drink,” they stated. There was no chance anybody would opt for it.They were wrong.Today, Red Bull dominates, with over 43% of the marketplace share in 2015. The very best part? They’re still going strong. Considering Red Bull created the marketplace in the very first place, dominating practically half of it after almost three decades years isn’t really bad.Check out this infographic of their entire history:< img src = alt="Brief History of Red Bull"width =770 height=865 >

The History Of Red Bull’s Unconventional Marketing Technique

When Red Bull initially came out, energy beverages didn’t exist, and standard advertising was expensive.So, Red Bull went rogue and opted for a different strategy.What did they do

, exactly?They simply went straight to their

target market(< a href = target=_ blank rel=noopener > 18 -35-year-old males) at college celebrations, libraries, cafe, bars and other locations where they hang out. By bringing their audience complimentary samples, they put the product right in their customer’s

hands.That got their audience talking, spreading the word about their item for free.Today, they still employ a similar strategy: they go anywhere their audience is at.Whether that indicates sponsoring a music celebration or creating top-notch culture content, they’ll do it.In fact, the content Red Bull publishes is carried out at the same level as a professional publishing home. They’re successfully a media company that happens to

sell an energy drink, instead of the other method around.Recommended Reading: The best ways to Fully Grown Your Publishing Process With Matthew

Ankeny From Equipment Patroloccasions that their target audience is currently going to. Whether that suggests music festivals, film occasions, or even severe cliff diving, Red Bull will either produce or sponsor an event around them.Why is this a dazzling relocation? Their audience is currently there. Their target market is an active group. They’re trying new and insane stunts, they love extreme sports or rocking out at a music festival.So Red Bull appears at places they know their target market would be.

Take Coachella. This massive music festival occurs over the course of two weekends in the desert and fans don’t wish to miss out on a second of it. That might mean sacrificing a few hours of sleep.Red Bull shows up and provides the wings(and energy) they require to stay awake and keep jamming at the festival.Recommended Reading:< a href= target=_ blank rel =noopener > Ways to Discover Your Target Audience and Produce the very best Material That Links 8 Ways Red Bull Executes Its Marketing Technique Red Bull’s capability to stay true to its

distributes over 2.2 million copies a month: They likewise develop amazing, awe-inspiring videos: In summary, if their target audience is consuming material on an offered channel, you can rely on Red Bull being there.Recommended Reading: One of the mostComplete Material Marketing Process Guide You Had To Get Organized 6. Revamping

Red Bull's Home Page

the Way They Utilize Conventional Media It’s not just content marketing that Red Bull controls. The brand invests a considerable quantity in traditional mass media channels aswell.Red Bull’s TV content operates in 2 formats: videos they develop for their online channels(YouTube, social media, and so on)and ads that they partner with traditional TELEVISION channel material: Their TV content lives on their online hub called Red Bull TV. Their videos and programs are segmented into formats like Occasions and Movies in addition to channel topics like Cliff Diving and Culture:

They have actually moved into the music worldAdvisedReading: Ways to Make a Video Content Marketing Method That Will Engage Your Audience 7. By Being Loud and Happy With Social Network Technique Social media is another channel that Red

Bull dominates with authority. watch. Naturally, there’s their Stratos Jump, however there’s more.Take the Red Bull Air Force group for example. This group is committed to pulling off a few of the craziest aerial balancings ever seen: Then there are their events, like Red Bull Crashed Ice or Red Bull Queen of the Bay that focus on particular sports like ice cross or surfing respectfully. These occasions concentrate on fans of the sport and raise awareness of the Red Bull brand.Finally, there are sponsorships. From


Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas to Coachella, Red Bull is included with it all. It’s a genius move on the business’s part due to the fact that who attends all those events? Their target audience.Not only that, however those sponsorships enable Red Bull to expose

  • the brand name to brand-new audiences due to the sheer number of

    people who attend.Recommended Reading:

    Ways to Utilize an Event Calendar to Organize Your #IRL Presence Why Their Strategy Works Red Bull’s method works due to the fact that of 3 different things: The first is their capability to inform a story that attracts their audience. Their focus

    on whatever from severe sports to music festivals gives them a large playing field, but it’s not simply that.Red Bull puts its productsecond, and the content and value they can give their audience. The attention to information that their marketing group provides is obvious. These are individuals who appreciate the subjects their writing, taping or developing content around.Finally, it’s their commitment to the worths and visual that the brand created when they initially got their start that makes their marketingwork. Whatever they develop relates back to the concept of offering people and ideas wings to fly. The Best Ways To Make Red Bull’s Marketing Technique Work For You It goes without stating, Red Bull has actually come a long method in the 30years since it’s beginning. From really humble starts to the mega-brand publishing home it is today, Red Bull is a marketing success story.Seem intimidating?Let their story work as a tip that your company needs to begin somewhere. They didn’t go from an idea in Thailand to a multi-mega corporation over night. That required time, luck and some seriously hard work(and a lot of excellent marketing along the method). Follow their lead by beginning small. Here are some concepts: Develop a brief weekly video series on a subject that interests your audience.Curate social networks content that intersects with your item’s purpose and your audience’s interests(without straight referencing yourself). Release an email newsletter filled with cool and beneficial stuff your audience may like(

  • and maybe slap your own logo in their someplace). The primary takeaway here is this: to succeed at material marketing like Red Bull, you have to put your audience’s interests first, and produce things that looks and seems like the kind of material they take in from publishers.Instead of replicating

    3 Reasons Why Red Bull's Marketing Strategy Works

    other marketers, that means replicating publications, TV shows, news sites, and anything else your audience might read and watch.Want to learn more about the best ways to do that, precisely? Here’s some extra reading material to obtain you started: Where will your wings take you from here?