Chef Shares Social Network Marketing Technique for Restaurants

Efficient dining establishment marketing strategies can put your dining establishment on the map, and they don’t even have to cost you anything. Chris Coombs, Chef and co-owner of Boston Urban Hospitality, shares his best tips for utilizing social media to your advantage.VIDEO TRANSCRIPT

I think social media is a required possession for all dining establishments, from QSR all the way to great dining. Particular restaurants are very fortunate that they’re so hectic, they don’t really have the need to market themselves, but in this progressed era of standard retail sort of going down televisions with the replacement of Amazon, all of us have to find innovative methods to market ourselves as competition increases, and social media is an incredible platform to do so effectively.< img width=300 height=200 src= alt > All dining establishment marketing methods require social media. With these lists, you can establish and master the major networks in no time at all. Download The List My best pointers for restaurants is to truly be transparent and truthful. I think that there are numerous

dishonest methods to tackle social networks by means of acquiring fans, or likes, or automation, and truly I believe your target demographics, they want to speak with you and they desire to hear from you honestly. So keep it truthful, keep it true to brand name, keep it real to concept, and really consider exactly what your voice is on social media and how individuals will perceive you. That’s my finest pointer.