Case Research Study: Security Marketing Techniques

Case Research study: Security Marketing Strategies by Kelly Browning

When we started working with a rural, family owned security alarm business, they were a well-established supplier of domestic and business security.They wished to enhance their reach and visibility to their target audience, and with our specialized in marketing for security business, we have seen outstanding results that have intensified over time.Security Marketing Techniques After investigating and establishing purchaser personalities for this client’s distinct

target markets, we developed a new site and started digital marketing to bring in more visitors and convert more leads.Our partnership with this client clearly shows the tendency of inbound marketing results in construct exponentiallyin time. While we were pleased with an early increase in traffic to their site, when we compare the very first 6 months of our marketing efforts to the past 6 month (3 years later on ), website traffic has increased 528%. When we take a look at organic traffic, the results are a lot more excellent. In the very first year of our partnership, organic traffic accounted for only 31%

of overall site traffic. Contrast that with the past year after a couple of years of consistent digital marketing techniques, when they saw natural traffic rise to 74%of traffic.Cumulatively, organic traffic was 840 %greater in the previous year than it remained in the very first year we dealt with them. Kelly Browning is a Marketing Supervisor

with WebStrategies. With a background in traditional and digital marketing, in addition to project management, Kelly concentrates on incoming

marketing technique and making the most of client results with the HubSpot marketing platform. Kelly finished from Virginia Tech with a B.A. in Communications.


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