A really under-utilised marketing method.

Olivia Fox is a leading professional in the area of charisma. And this fireside chat I had with her has encouraged me that charm is a under-used marketing method by us inspired small company owners. And fortunately is, you don’t have to be born charismatic … charisma can be found out. Phew!My 3 essential learnings from this episode are:

  1. Charm can be learnt.Charisma is a seriously
  2. under-utilised marketing technique which, once nailed, will provide you with a distinct point-of-difference.
  3. Don’t undervalue the ambiance we give out when amongst clients and prospects and how it impacts on our sales process.However, rather

of me attempting to encourage you, take a read of the following key points listed below that Olivia shred with me then listen in to the interview.Charisma misconception: that it’s inherent. In truth, it’s found out.

  • Typically so young that it then seems inherent. The reality is that it is learned, and you can discover it at any age.Charisma myth: that it depends on appeal. In reality, it depends on body language.What is charisma truly? Presence, power and warmth. You require all three to be charismatic, however the degree of each identifies the sort of charisma you have.High power, low existence low warmth is authority charisma. Colin Powell has that.High presence, lower power low heat is called focus
  • charm. Bill gates really has charm in that respect.An excellent example of somebody who leads with high warmth
  • is the Dalai Lama.Different sort of charm are suitable for various situations. Among my customers really needed to utilize four in succession to get one
  • deal done.What’s the # 1 thing to do to increase charm? In fact, I’ll give you 3: increase eye contact, stand like a big gorilla, speak like a preacher. Slow, confident, resonant and warm.Charisma has severe side-effects; it’s not always excellent to be charming, and all types of charm come at a cost.Olivia is often asked “Are your customers all nerds?” In fact, much of them are extremely charismatic people who have to find out ways to manage the side-effects of their charisma.Charisma is most reliable in a crisis.

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