4 Marketing Techniques You Can Use Before Working With an Agency

The last area he held onto was marketing. Since the company grew through direct sales, networking and word of mouth, marketing consisted of little more than a simple website, a nice logo and brochures. Like Jim, you probably know that digital marketing can be a powerful tool to drive leads, but with so much technology and complexity involved, it can be tempting to throw up your hands and just hire an agency to do it all for you. If you really want to understand what’s happening, start by signing into a tool like Google Analytics that your web developer probably installed on your website to gather key stats about your website traffic. There are many digital marketing techniques that can help you, like search engine optimization, website optimization and A/B testing, but if you are doing it yourself, focus on a simple goal such as driving more traffic and leads/sales. By tagging the lead as a conversion in Google Analytics, you can now connect the dots between your marketing efforts, visits and leads. By using these strategies Jim could keep his marketing hat on for a few more years until his revenue grew to allow him to hire a trained marketing leader and a digital marketing agency. The new team built a larger SEO optimized website, created more content and video, implemented larger ad campaigns using more channels and installed a full marketing automation email program.

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