3 actions to a simple handwritten thank-you letter marketing technique

3 steps to an easy handwritten thank-you letter marketing strategy

Today’s concept is to send out (as often as you can) hand-written thank-you letters.We reside in a pretty virtual world, right, where the most common forms of interaction seem to be e-mail, Facebook messages or a fast text. Not the most personal way of revealing you care, and typically sent out with such a rush that the autocorrect function can leave the sender more than a little red-faced. Sadly Timbo typically ends up as Tomboy!Now I do not know about you, but my letterbox(you know that thing out the front of your home or business?!

)is quite empty nowadays. Well, not entirely empty, I still seem to get a small tree’s worth of direct-mail advertising catalogues each week, but few thoughtful, hand-written letters.In organisation and in life, stating the words”thank you “can be exceptionally powerful. One of the best methods you can enhance client commitment and

cement new clients is by expressing appreciation and appreciation to those who pick to purchase from you. If you really want to impress and shock your brand-new, previous and existing customers, send them a handwritten letter or card thanking them for their service. Here’s my 3-steps to doing exactly that: So you’re not constantly having to create from scratch, compose a few templates you can utilize when it comes time

to compose a thank-you letter; and make sure to consist of a few areas where you can customise things.Develop a process for sending out these thank-you letters. If your organisation is still little, you can handwrite and send the letters yourself, or have among your staff members help you. If you’re growing too fast to do it

  • all yourself, then work with a freelancer to help you, or utilize a letter-writing service like Letter Good friend or Mail Lift(US only– terrific opportunity to begin one in Australia). Purchase some cards, pens and envelopes and begin sending. Set yourself the objective of sending one thank-you letter per day.Pro-Tip: Take a pay attention to episode 236with Steve Simms who takes this letter composing service to an entire nother level! It includes borrowing stationary from five-star hotels! So … exactly what have you got to lose?!
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